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Citrination training resources

Below are resources to help you learn how to use the Citrination platform. 

Knowledge base

This knowledge base has documentation for File Ingesters and FAQs for datasetsdata views, machine learning, and search. The information here is most pertinent to users of

learn-citrination GitHub repo

This GitHub repo has a wide variety of content, featuring a mix of readable guides and interactive Jupyter notebooks in Python that demonstrate the Citrination API.

Web UI tutorials contain screenshot walkthroughs and example data to guide users through

API tutorials contain Jupyter notebooks and example data to teach users about the Python Citrination Client (PyCC). This allows you to access Citrination through its API.

PyCC documentation

PyCC has online documentation with example usage and module documentation.

Sequential learning

If you would like to learn more about Citrine's sequential learning (SL) framework, check out our main website and read our publication

You may also be interested in the following YouTube video from Julia Ling on Machine Learning for Materials Discovery.

Feedback and Knowledge Base