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Citrine: Pandat PDB Ingester

Ingester Description
This ingester parses CSV files that represent information contained in the encrypted .TDB database files of the Pandat (with extension .PDB) package for phase diagram calculation and thermodynamic assessment provided by CompuTherm LLC. It will create a record for the definitions and thermodynamic data on the elements, specieis, and phases defined in the system of interest.
Description of accepted files (.csv)
.csv files that contain information from the underlying TDB/PDB file on definitions and thermodynamic information on elements, specieis, type definitions, and phases in a system. When a Pandat database (*.PDB) is opened in its TDB viewer, that information can be copy and pasted into Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. Alternately, Pandat also creates a .html file in the working directory, that represents the corresponding PDB file, which can then be opened and saved in .CSV format by Excel or something similar.
Required user inputs
Name of system (e.g. “Al-Cu”)
ID of file to distinguish your calculation of a system from anyone else’s.
(e.g. "2017Citrine")
Example file
To see an example file please click here.

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