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Citrine: NMR (.fid, .ft)

Ingester Description
This ingester parses data using the nmrglue python package to read the files, which are represented in Python as dictionaries of spectral parameters and NumPy ndarray objects, and creates plots in the frequency/time domain which are attached to the generated records.
Description of accepted files (.fid, .ft)
This ingester reads and parses .fid files, which contain free induction decay spectrum, and .ft files, which contain spectrum from a 1D NMRPipe file. These files are generated by various types of NMR software toolkits such as Agilent/Varian, Bruker, NMRPipe, Sparky, SIMPSON, and Rowland NMR Toolkit.  
Required user inputs
Chemical formula of the sample measured by NMR.
(e.g. "NaCl")
Example file
To see a example files please click here (.fid) and here (.ft).

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