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Citrine: PowderDiffraction (.xye)

Ingester Description
An ingester for .xye files produced by various powder diffraction beamlines.
Description of accepted files (.xye)
This ingester reads and parses .xye files in which the data are listed in three columns: The 1st column is 2θ position (in degrees), 2nd is intensity, and 3rd is the standard uncertainty for the intensity values. It will ignore the file header information which is bracketed between the characters "/*" and "*/", and prefixed by a "#" character.
Required user inputs
The ID that is used to identify the sample.
(e.g. "Sample 1" or "101010")
Chemical formula of sample.
(e.g. "LiO")
Label for the first column in the file
Label for the second column in the file
The measurement temperature in Kelvin.
(e.g. "700")
Example file
To see an example file please click here.

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