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Advanced search options's advanced search options allow you the flexibility to search for specific properties, measurement ranges, DOIs, and more.

Property name

In the property name field, you can search for records that contain a specific property, like tensile strength or electrical conductivity. You can use this field in conjunction with other search fields.

Min and max values with units

In the Minimum Value, Maximum Value, and Units fields, you can search for records that contain measurements within a certain range of values. 

For example, if I type S/m into the Units field, 0 into minimum value, and 0.1 into maximum value, Citrination will return all records that have a conductivity measurement between 0 and 0.1 S/m. 

DOI search

You can use Citrination to search for results from a specific DOI. For example, searching for 10.6084/m9.figshare.1031638 returns all available records from the Jean-Claude Bradley Open Melting Point Dataset.

Unit Normalization

When units are provided in a search request, records are returned that have compatible sets of units, and values shown in search hits are expressed in the set of units that was entered. For example, a query for temperatures in units of K would return all records that had temperatures reported in K, °C, or °F and all values are converted to K in the results set.

When units are provided to a search request and a range is given, that range should be expressed in the provided set of units. For example, if a request was made for temperatures between 100 and 200 K, then records would be matched that had values between 100 and 200 K, -173 and -73 °C, or -280 and -100 °F.

Many common units are supported on Citrination as are compound sets of units based on them. However, some less common units may be unsupported and not all conversions between sets of units are possible. In addition to searching over normalized units, string matching will also be used to match unnormalized units.

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