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Search – Special characters and wildcards

Special Characters

Citrination's search supports special characters using their symbols, or, in many cases, LaTeX notation. For a list of Greek letters and math symbols in LaTeX notation, check out this resource.


We will demonstrate how to use wildcards in Citrination's search using the compound Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) as an example.

When searching for a chemical formula, ? can be used to match any element and # can be used to match any stoichiometry.

For example, a search for:
  • Al2O3 will return all records of Al2O3.
  • Al#O# will return all records that contain both Al and O in any stoichiometry.
  • ?2?3 will return all records that contain chemical formulas with a 2:3 (or 3:2) stoichiometric ratio.
  • (Al,Ga)#(O,N)# will return all records containing one of Al#O#, Al#N#, Ga#O#, or Ga#N#. An enumeration of elements to match can be represented as a comma-separated list of elements inside parentheses.


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