Using file ingesters on Citrination

The instructions below will show you how to upload a file to Citrination using an ingester. Once the ingestion is complete your data will be available on Citrination.
1Once you have identified the correct ingester for your file type click on the Add Data button on the top menu bar.

2If this is your first dataset, select Create new dataset and give your dataset a descriptive name and clear description. Next select the ingester you have chosen for your filetype from the dropdown.

3Depending on which ingester you have selected, you may be asked to provide additional information about the file you are uploading. If this is required you will see a form at the bottom or the screen with the required fields.

4The file upload status should show Finished almost immediately as the file upload completes. The ingestion status to the right will first show Initializing, then - and then Completed. Once the Ingestion is completed you can switch to the Search tab for the dataset and view your results there. It may take a couple of minutes after the ingest is complete for the records to appear.

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